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Why the challenge?

50 marathon events?
“Are you mad?”, you might be asking. 
Every so often an idea can come in to your mind and you can’t let it go. This has been one of those ideas. It’s an idea I will be putting into action come September 9th 2018, where I will run the first of fifty marathon events.

It won’t just be about running a marathon or a half though. Some might think that a long distance event is predominantly a physical challenge, but as any seasoned marathoner would know, it is very much the mental battle that you face. These long distance events will hopefully take me on journeys where I tackle challenges I would never have dreamed of facing, as well as raising awareness of mental health and wellbeing for everyone, letting each individual know that you can break through any barrier that you feel might be in your way. 

Why now?
Let me take you back to where this all began. I have always been a happy-go-lucky kind of person, continually positive and pretty laid back. Nothing ever phased me, and I life was - for the most part - pretty good to me.

Fast forward to January 2015, and things had done a 180. I was beginning the 2nd term of my first year at university. Things weren’t going great - factors that were both in and out of my control were the forces of this change. Without family and a secure network around me, my mental health declined rapidly. At first, I can’t say I really noticed. It was when I went home to visit those closest to me that I realised something was ‘off’. But I carried on as normal as possible, thinking it would ‘blow over’. It didn’t, so I decided to move back home and my university allowed me to sit my exams later on in the year, so I could care for my mental health. 

Through self-care and immeasurable support from my friends and family I came out to the other side, for lack of a better term. However, through first-hand experience I can vouch for those who don’t seek help, especially us boys and men. Embarrassment and lack of understanding. However, there are a mass of charities and organisations changing this, as well as individuals (such as writer Matt Haig) who are using their voices shout about these issues. 

Through my hopeful completion of 50 marathon events, I hope that my efforts can support the implementation of a more rigorous support network for young people in our schools, colleges and universities. After all, 70% of children and adolescents who experience mental health problems are not given appropriate intervention. Does that seem fair?
Samaritans are one of the biggest mental health charities in the UK, who reach out to more than half a millioon people a year through their work in local areas across the UK and Ireland. Samaritan help raise awareness of mental health and that it is okay to speak out. 

Another reason I believe Samaritans is a great charity is their support at universities and colleges. They offer a program called Step by Step that provide practical support and guidance to all communities prepare and recover from suspected or atttemped suicide. 

You may be somebody who has sought support from the Samaritans, or you may know somebody who has overcome their own personal battles with mental health. 

£5,000 is the target. 
30 marathons and 20 half marathons in 365 days. 

Will you join me?

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About Me
The Basics
Name: Simon James Vaisey
Born: May 29th 1994, Oxfordshire, UK
Height: 5.9 (and a half)
Weight: 70kg
Food: Burger
Drink: Diet Coke
Movie: Moneyball
1st Marathon: Age 24 
Favourite Quote: ‘Show me your friends, I'll show you your future'

5KM - 20.02
10KM - 42.18
10 Miles - 01:12:10
Half Marathon - 01:34:15
Marathon - 04:21:42​

My Outlook

What am I about:


What's the website all about 

Recent beginner to running, general sport enthusiast and big believer of self determination and hopefully start to inspire others. 

When I eventually get old, bald (hopefully not), reliving my youth, I want to look back and know that I've been a force for change in some small way, and pushed myself beyond my physical limits. I want to look back and know I've reached my full potential and used my time wisely as 'life's to short' to wish things differently. 

'Try things, do things and leave a positive mark on the world. '

I strive to do good, be good and be the best possible me. Hopefully through this challenge, I can inspire others to take on a personal challenge whatever it may be.
Nick Butter inspired me and I hope to continue this and inspire some of you. Hopefully this will start your adventure and give you understanding of how good running and the outdoors can be, and how being active in whatever way you choose can improve your mental wellbeing whoever you are.

Join me as I enter possibly the most challenging year of my life thus far. 

The Journey Begins 

Farnham Marathon- Marathon #1​​

The night before the big day where I was going to start the big challenge, it has to be said I was pretty nervous. My mind was think what if I can’t do it! ​

The race day was among us, I had a smooth journey to the event and now all I had to do was get round. I had a rough idea of distance as I already achieved 1 marathon before, but this was a first in terms of hills and surface. This was a trail run up and down the north downs in Surrey, and boy was it hilly. Over 2500ft elevation for my first marathon on the challenge made me think what on earth have I got myself in for! 5 hours and 30 minutes later I made it (longer than I thought too) and that massive sense of relieve and achievement came through. 

I set myself a massive task for the first one but hopefully they will get easier...anyway it’s only another 29 marathons and 20 half’s to go....

Goodwood Motor Circuit Marathon #2

So my second marathon in a week, my legs felt okay, but I was still apprehensive about getting round. This marathon was a slightly different task- 11 laps around the motor circuit. I felt fairly strong up and till lap  7, where my legs started to feel dead and cramp up. I was greatful that this was flat and I managed to make it round in 4 hours 40 minutes which I was fairly happy with. 

Winchester Half Marathon #3 

My third marathon event in 3 weeks,  but this time it was a half...and I was buzzing about this. Half marathons are my favourite type of endurance event because I can settle into the race and then push on if I feel good. 

Although I was late for this event as I had a nightmare parking. The weather conditions were shocking but I was still looking forward to it.  

 I started off pretty slow as I wasn’t sure how my legs would hold out, they felt fine and I was going past people during the last 10k. 

I finished in 1 hour 44 minutes, but felt like I could of gone quicker. As I was late i started at the back so I was weaving in and out if people which I didn’t mind but next week I am going to start further up in the field. 
Cheltenham Half Marathon #4​
​​Cheltenham half wasn’t the best preparation as I went out the night before but somehow I managed to run a new personal best of 1 hour 35 minutes. Although I was ecstatic about this their was a small part of me that thought I could of gone faster especially when I was running 4 minute kilometres in the last 5k. Anyway I guess it’s not all bad, I’ve got another 18 half’s to try and beat this. 


Point to Point- Salisbury to Winchester #5

​This was as hilly as they come, I was struggling in this race and thought I had to pull out after mile 1 due to knee issues. I battled on through and kept moving forward. 

After 2500 foot of elevation and 4 hours 45 of running I made it to the finish line. My body was in agony, my back was in spasm and I was ready for a massage. 

Another emotional marathon but I was 5 down and getting closer to that dream completion. 

Leicester Marathon #6

A wet, cold, windy race in Leicester for number 6 and what a nightmare of a start to the race. I was late, I struggled to park and ended up risking a ticket because I couldn’t get the machine working. 

I made ads it too the start line running a miles to get there, I just beat the safety car and was now ready for even more pain. It was a lonely course but I ran with a nice guy for about 10 miles. It always nice to run with someone! 

I was was determined to beat my personal best and that’s what I did. 4 hours 22! I was looking forward to getting back to my car to warm up and eat. 6 down 44 to go. 

Walton on Thames Half Marathon #7

Another race, another wet and cold day, my thoughts for today were thank god its a half and I was so pleased I had company. My friends Tom, Millie and Chantal from work decided to run with me. 

The one thing I decided to take from this race was to stop worrying about times, my body was tired there is no way I’m going to get pbs. Anyway I set off to fast chasing that pb, was really going well until 16k my body failed on me and that was it I was gone! No worse feeling than people over taking you. 

You can see the pain I’m in from this photo....I got it done and was excited for the next few weeks.  7 down, 43 to go!

The Cornish Marathon #8

The longest I drive to an event I’ve had,  3 hours and a half there and 214 miles. I didn’t get much sleep the night before and was up at 5-45 ready to leave for this mamouth trip. 

A few few stops for coffee was required as I felt I was going to fall asleep on the wheel. I made it there in good time and thank god the weather held out. Cornwall is such a beautiful place and to run round such a scenic route was great! I got company along the way with a girl called summer, she was great, she pushed me along and got me to that finish line. Without her help it would of taken me much longer. 

Nightmare jouney back as my phone died and had no satnav! 

 Hertfordshire half Marathon #9

 Havent Festive Frolic Marathon #10

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