The Plan
Marathon events 
Miles ran

The Facts

Name: Simon James Vaisey
Born: May 29th 1994, Oxfordshire, UK
Height: 5.9 (and a half)
Weight: 70kg
Food: Burger
Drink: Diet Coke
Movie: Moneyball
1st Marathon: Age 23 
Favourite Quote: ‘Show me your friends, I'll show you your future'

5KM - 20.02
10KM - 42.18
10 Miles - 01:12:10
Half Marathon - 01:36:59
Marathon - 04:28:11​


What am I about 


What's the website all about

Recent beginner to running, general sport enthusiast and big believer of self determination and inspiring others. ​​​

When I aventually get old, bald (hopefully grey), reliving my younger youth, I want to look back and know that I've done some cools thing and pushed myself beyond my physical limits. I want to look back and know i've reached my full potential and used my time wisely as 'lifes to short' to wish things differently. 

Ibelive we get caught up in frantic lifestyles and its important to not get stuck in our comfort zones. Try things, do things and leave a positive mark on the world. 

Inspiring others to do things that they beleived not to be possible. From this challenge I hope to inspire normal people like me to expand their horizons and do something special. Everyone can do something special, and everyone can add something postive to the world we live in. 

Ive been an idiot at times, but I strive to do good, be good and be the best possible me. For me running is not just about being on your own, its about sharing expereriences, learning off others and  being part of the running community. 

The reason behind this site and blog is to share my RUN50 challenge with you. I want to look back in years to come and relive the blood, sweat and tears I suffered and lessons I learnt during the way. But thats not it, hopefullly I will change poeple lives with the money I raise. Nick Butter inspired me and I hope to continue this and inspire some of you. Hopefully this will start your adventure and give you understanding of how good running and the outdoors can be.​​

I hope you enjoy following the RUN50 challenge and reading about my journey from achieving 1 marathon in 2017 to 30 marathons and 20 half marathons in 365 days. 

Meet the team

The people that have helped me along the way 

These are the people that have helped me make this happen and supported me throught, you know who you are!
  1. Managing Director
    Simon James Vaisey
  2. Managing Director
    Harriet Vaisey